It is our desire to offer space for merchandise that is in keeping with the theme of our shop. Our partnerships will be based on a monthly rent amount depending on the size of your display (for example: $50/month for a 3-foot wide by 1 foot deep display, floor to ceiling) and a 10% commission. We will also keep an additional 2% on all credit card sales. 

We have created a list of items that we are interested in having as part of what we offer to the community:

Seasonal decor

Medium to high end floral (arrangements or singles for DIY) 

All natural soaps and lotions

Organic /gluten free (prepackaged) food items

Medium to high quality frames

Scrapbooking supplies


Stylish/creative children's clothing

Baptism/christening/confirmation/first communion gifts

Unique children's gifts

Children's books

Handmade crocheted/knitted/quilted items

Fine Linens

Handmade Jewelry

Handbags & Accessories (belts, scarves ect.)

Wood crafts & creations


Bereavement gifts (stones/throws)

**We are open to ideas so please feel free to let us know what you are interested in selling on consignment.


We have some areas of slat wall where items can be hung on hooks. We also have plain wall space where shelving units can be used.  You will need to provide the shelving unit unless we have one available and offer it to you. You would be expected to tag and inventory your own items.

Please call 419-352-5417 to make an appointment. Thank you.